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Our official trailer is done, here it is! Start spreading the word about it. And in one day, our official website will be ready as well! It’s so exciting that these sentences deserved exclamation points!

The latest video blog with director Dallas Jenkins discussing the final sound mix, DVD commentary, and music.

As the movie nears completion, hear the latest update from director Dallas Jenkins and see behind the scenes footage of picture correction and Kristy Swanson, John Ratzenberger, and Kevin Sorbo doing DVD Commentary and ADR. Includes new images from the film…

Hear about how the music is coming together and see what a home recording studio looks like…

Footage from our test screening in Charlotte, where we got a terrific response. You can also see a few moments from the film and hear the audience response.

Director Dallas Jenkins discusses the first couple days of editing…

Director Dallas Jenkins discusses receiving the first official complete edit of the movie and shows the movie in 5 seconds!

Dallas talks about how scenes are edited and shows a scene coming together between Debby Ryan and Kevin Sorbo.

This completes the “from the set” portion of the video blog, as filming is complete. Stay tuned for more videos during the post production process and the release of the film for a behind the scenes look at what goes into editing, laying in music, completing, and ultimately releasing a film.

(Director’s note: In this video I mentioned a potential sound problem in that the air conditioner in the hospital room was very loud, and I was hoping it wouldn’t be too big of a problem in post production. We’ve since listened to the scene, and it doesn’t sound as bad as we feared. Not only that, the post production company in charge of sweetening or adjusting sound issues took a pass at the scene and was able to isolate the sound and reduce it. So…the scene looks like it’ll turn out great.)

Welcome to the Behind the Scenes blog for the feature film “What If…” Here you’ll find videos, pictures, and text updates and information that will hopefully be both entertaining and educational.

“What If…” tells the story of Ben Walker (Kevin Sorbo), who 15 years ago made a decision to leave his girlfriend Wendy (Kristy Swanson), and ultimately his faith, in order to pursue riches and success in the business world. Now on the verge of marriage to an equally materialistic fiance, he is visited by an angelic tow truck driver (John Ratzenberger) who shows him what his life would look like had he followed his original calling. Before he can argue, Ben is suddenly married to Wendy, the father of two daughters, and a new pastor at a struggling church. If he wants to escape back to his old life, he must first learn some important lessons about commitment, family, and God.